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Sanapsis is a rehabilitation software designed for the iPad. It's a tool for professional Speech and Language Pathologists who work with adults with acquired communication difficulties. Sanapsis provides therapy solutions for language skills in all language areas, providing the therapist with examples and ideas how to proceed in the therapy process.

Sanapsis is designed for use in therapy, in cooperation with the patient and the SLP in charge of the rehabilitation process. It is not to be used independently. If you are not a professional, but seeking means of independent rehabilitation of language deficits, contact a licensed SLP and ask for advice.

Sanapsis is available on the App Store.


Sanapsis has over 35 different exercises in six categories

  • Speech production
  • Comprehension
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Semantics
  • Perseveration

All of the exercises have top-quality photos and text for use in therapy, creating hundreds of tasks for your patient.

Most of the exercises come in several levels of difficulty. Difficulty can be changed within an exercise, allowing the same basic exercise to be used to target the needs of different patients.

Each exercise comes with instructions on how to use it and notes on what to observe during the task.


Here we provide some questions and answers related to Sanapsis. Contact us if you can't find answers to your questions here.
  • Q: Is Sanapsis a rigid therapy program?
  • A: No. Sanapsis is a library of ideas and materials to be used in therapy on the basis of the therapist's clinical judgement. Sanapsis provides a variety of exercises to be used as part of the therapy. It does not cover the whole therapy process.
  • Q: Can Sanapsis be used by a therapist who has little experience with adult patients?
  • A:Yes. Sanapsis is ideal for SLPs who are relatively new to adult therapy and who would benefit from ideas of what kinds of exercises to use and when.
  • Q: Is Sanapsis available for Android?
  • A: Currently we provide Sanapsis for the iPad only. If you are interested in using it on other devices, let us know!

About us

Sanapsis is designed and developed by Nana Lehtinen (SLP) in collaboration with Marjaana Raukola-Lindblom (a specialist adult neurology SLP). Together they have 20 years of experience in working with people who have acquired communication difficulties. Sanapsis is a product of close collegial collaboration in inpatient and outpatient treatment with patients who have suffered from a stroke, TBI or other neurological conditions that affect language ability.

Disclaimer: Speech Clinic Ltd makes no guarantees as to the efficacy of its products. The software application is designed as a therapy tool for use by licenced speech-language pathologists in the context approriate therapy formulation.

For SLPs

Sanapsis is designed to support and activate interaction between you and your patient, thus promoting genuine communication.

Sanapsis transforms your iPad into a library of versatile therapy exercises and materials. Sanapsis will guide you through the ideas behind the exercises and give you ideas for how to continue with patients. There is a wide selection of exercises and ideas to choose from and the exercises are available in various levels of difficulty.

Sanapsis can be used with patients who have many types of issues, including aphasia due to stroke, TBI, Brain tumors, Alzheimer's and other dementias, and other neurological impairments.

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